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Tackling dust pollution of photovoltaic power stations and other four big problems



Kashgar Solbright photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. focusing on the R&D and promotion of value-added service in the photovoltaic industry,  is dedicated to be a pioneer in providing integration solutions of photovoltaic power station intelligent operation system. Through years of expansion and development, it has forged substantive cooperation with industry leaders such as GCL, ZTE, Saudi Aramco, Softbank , Adani and TATA、Sterling&Wilson.

     Since 2013 when Solbright successfully made its most useful photovoltaic intelligent operation robot in the world, it has accumulated experience and practices and gained over 20 patents both home and abroad. Starting from the Solbright photovoltaic intelligent operation robots of the first generation to the fourth generation, Solbright has been recognized by lots of professionals in the industry. By the end of 2018, its domestic and overseas installed capacity has reached 4 GW with its total number over 30,000 and installed power stations over 40, thus ranking first in terms of installed robots.

     Based on robots, Solbright, by making full use of its photovoltaic module fault monitoring platform, photovoltaic power station weather monitoring platform, real-time monitoring platform of photovoltaic module power generation and Solbright cloud big data platform, is able to provide clients with a professional integration solution so as to profoundly improve their efficiency of power generation. Meanwhile, we have a team of professional technicians who can bring clients with efficient and quality post-sale service.

Since its foundation, we’ve stuck to our vision that we would move ahead with “technological innovation” as our motivation and fulfill our mission of “saving energy and being environmental friendly”. We have been the pioneer in our industry and will continue to lead technological innovations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of photovoltaic operations by introducing advanced technologies. And we strive to be the most reliable partners of our clients and contribute to the development of global green and clean energy as well as the sustainable development for the mankind. We are the practitioner of intelligence by China, the leader of the world photovoltaic operation industry and the guardian of the ecological earth.