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Talent Philosophy


The basic talent philosophy of our company is equal emphasis on both merits and talents with merits coming first, responsibility as the root and teamwork as the top priority.

Because we cherish and value talents, we will provide them with a fair environment and necessary resources so that they will give full play to their potential. While placing responsibilities on staff, we will empower them with equal rights to guarantee that they will have enough freedom to fulfill their vision and make innovations.

In the same time, we will stimulate our staff’s activity by drafting a reasonable and effective incentive mechanism, which means that we will give our staff abundant material and spirit incentive on the basis of the fair and equal judgment of their capability, behavioral features and performances. By doing so, we can form a plan for staff’s development and promotion so as to encourage them to create more value for our company after achieving their own value.

1. Staff bring their talents into full play, which will reach to its full effect

           Solbright sticks to the principle that we will get all of our staff united by the great development vision and inspire them by the promising career. Meanwhile, we follow the business vision of putting people first. So we try our best to create a positive environment for talents’ growth by establishing a scientific and effective talent mechanism. Undoubtedly, we are dedicated to provide each and every employee with a stage for them to display their abilities, and with opportunities for them to reap harvests and realize their own values.

We always revere talents and pay tribute to innovation. In our eyes, ability and potential outweigh educational background. We have established a fair competition mechanism and a sound cultural environment to fully stimulate the activity and innovation of all of our employees so that we can ensure that all talents find their own positions and then give full play to their roles.

2. Win-win Result and Common Development

We always believe that staff shall grow up with the company. It's because of the staff’s efforts that our company can succeed. Also, the success of the company can create favorable conditions for staff’s success. Solbright urges staff to combine their own development with the long-term growth of the company and provides them with multiple development channels and models. We promise that we are making every effort to cultivate a sound growth environment for every employee and enable ambitious staff to work out their potential and succeed. Consequently, we can realize common development between the staff and the company by setting a stage for them to grow, improve and achieve their value.

Solbright firmly believes that all staff are fully equal only holding different positions. By spreading the vision of equality and care for talents, we intend to nurture cooperation between our company and the staff to create and share value so as to achieve development by staff and for staff. Also, we will share with our staff the fruits of development, and take into consideration interests of both sides so as to have a win-win result between the company and the staff.