We are dedicated to being a leader in integrated solutions of intelligent operation systems in the photovoltaic industry. Professional manufacturer of intelligent photovoltaic robot

We are a world-leading new-energy company focusing on value-added service in the photovoltaic industry and combining R&D, production, sales and service together.

Lasting innovation in technology, R&D, business is to satisfy diverse, multiple and various demands of intelligent operations of photovoltaic module cleaning.

-----Customized “cleaning&monitoring plans” for photovoltaic power stations and provide professional and scientific solutions;

-----The seamless connectivity of both service and operation management, professional team and rich experience with full-range service.


About Kashgar Sol-Brightabout Kashgar Sol-Bright

Kashgar Solbright photovoltaic Technology Company, with its excellent technologies and innovation, is a high-tech innovation company which is always dedicated to dust cleaning of photovoltaic modules, namely, module fault detection. Thanks to the accumulation of experience, repeated tests and lasting improvements, we successfully invented the most useful photovoltaic intelligent operation robot and gained over 20 patents from both home and abroad. The robot has been displayed at the Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition, European Intersolar, Renewable Energy India Expo and Solar Power Internal America. Our products have been acclaimed by Chinese and foreign experts due to their revolutionary advanced technologies, all-round efficiency.

Since its foundation, we’ve stuck to our vision that we would move ahead with “technological innovation” as our motivation and fulfill our mission of “saving energy and being environmental friendly”. Due to our professional talents, excellent management system, outstanding experience in the field and quality service, we are capable of providing clients with customized products, assembly and debugging and post-sale service in a quick and effective manner. And we strive to be the most reliable partners of our clients and contribute to the development of global green and clean energy as well as the sustainable development for the mankind while supplying clients with the best photovoltaic power station operation solution.

PV Power Plant Intelligent OperationPV Power Plant Intelligent Operation

As a high-tech leading company in photovoltaic power station cleaning and operation, Kashgar Solbright will make full use of its self-researched photovoltaic module cleaning platform, photovoltaic module fault detection platform and real-time detection of photovoltaic module power generation to combine both photovoltaic module cleaning and intelligent operation. Meanwhile, on the basis of its core technologies and powerful R&D ability, as well as its collaborative innovative ability in production, sales and service,Kashgar Solbright endeavors to provide an integrated quality solution for photovoltaic power station operation, comprehensive excellent products, and operation service.